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Drums, compositions, lyrics







The band was founded in 2009 by Paweł "Kaplic" Zasadzki (drums), Tomasz "Tommy" Sałaciński (guitar) and Emil Łazarski (guitar) and played Paweł's compositions - fitting the genre, but very original. Previously named Sentinel, the band changed its name to Lux Perpetua and invited Marcin Nieznański (bass), Marcin Rykiel (keyboards) and Maciej Dzido (vocals).

After some shows, the band split - Maciej Dzido and Marcin Nieznański left. Krzysztof "Chris" Rutkowski joined as the bass player, and Marcin Rykiel was moved to vocals - the band started to play without keyboards and rearranged their songs. In 2013, Emil Łazarski left the band and was replaced by Mateusz "Matt" Uściłowski. In 2014, the band recorded their first EP - Forever We Stand. Then, the guys met Magdalena "Meg" Tararuj who started to play keyboards, and turned out – as Magda is also talented graphic artist, the band selected her to be responsible for all album covers. The same year, in June, on a show in Mechanik club we met Rob - our friend and mentor - who listened to us and decided to help us to record our first full album - so we selected the songs together and then started to look for a reliable recording studio.

In the middle of the recording, Marcin Rykiel left and was replaced by Artur "RooZ" Rosiński - current singer and frontman. He recorded all lead vocals on the Curse of the Iron King, and started to play shows with the band. In the meantime, Lux Perpetua recorded official song for the Metro 2033 universe - Straight Back to Hell, which will be included as the bonus track on the upcoming album. Right now the band signed under Underground Symphony Records.

Curse of the Iron King album is recorded at HZ Studio, Poland. Mastered by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann (Orden Ogan, Greenman Studios).

Current lineup:
Paweł Zasadzki (Paul) - drums, compositions, lyrics
Artur Rosiński (RooZ) - vocals
Tomasz Sałaciński (Tommy) - guitars, management
Mateusz Uściłowski (Matt) - guitars
Magdalena Tararuj (Meg) - keyboards and graphics
Krzysztof Rutkowski (Chris) - bass